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E: T: 0113 236 3700

Unit 8, Lotherton Way, Garforth, Leeds

LS25 2JY, West Yorkshire, UK

d&b Audiotechnik hire

3D Productions d&b J series PA system in hire stock

Our latest delivery takes us over 150 d&b Audiotechnik loudspeakers

3D Productions hold a large range of d&b Audiotechnik hire stock suitable for all sizes of events

Widely regarded as one of the highest quality speaker manufacturers in the world d&b Audiotechnik produce versatile systems that are a key hire stock item for any professional audio company.

As the largest stockist of d&b products in Yorkshire 3D Productions can supply rider compliant PA systems for any size event. Our inventory is also regularly used by companies across the UK as a source of additional stock on a dry hire basis.

From our base on the M1 outside Leeds we are an hours drive from Manchester, Sheffield, Doncaster, Hull, York, Harrogate and many other locations. We have in house delivery vehicles from vans to 38T trucks and can deliver to you or direct to site if required.


d&b Audiotechnik J series

Rigging d&b J series in Leeds Arena

The largest of the d&b systems, the J series line array is designed for large scale outdoor events and the professional touring market. The J8 and J12 tops contain 2 x 12″, 1 x 10″ and 2 x 1.4″ drivers with horizontal dispersions of 80 degrees and 120 degrees respectively. They are complemented by the J-Sub, a triple 18″ active cardiod subwoofer which can be flown seperately or at the top of the array as well as ground stacked. The cardiod functionality of the subs allows for even low frequency sound to be directed where it is needed and reduce spill. This control allows us to put the sound exactly where it is needed and avoid noise complaints from neighbours on small sites. As an alternative or supplement to this we can offer B2 sub arrays which are preferred by some engineers depending on the content of the music.

We use J series mainly for large outdoor events or arenas.



d&b Audiotechnik V series

d&b Audiotechnik hire system at Sheffield City Hall

d&b V series PA system at Sheffield City Hall

Slightly smaller than J series this is a workhorse of our d&b audiotechnik hire stock. The V series line array is equally at home as a flown or ground stacked system. The V8 and V12 tops contain 2 x 10″, 1 x 8″ and 2 x 1.4″ drivers with horizontal dispersions of 80 degrees and 120 degrees respectively. Coupled with the V-Sub, a passively driven cardiod 18″ subwoofer this makes for a compact and incredibly reliable PA system. V series has a very similar sound to J series and so makes it the ideal choice for outfills and delays on larger systems.

We also stock V7P point source boxes which in a stack with V-Subs is an ideal PA for a small band rig or sidefills on a larger stage.

We use V series mainly for music events, festivals and outdoor concerts.


d&b Audiotechnik Y series

d&b Y series is the modern replacement for Q series. The speakers contain 2 x 8″ drivers and a 1.4″ compression driver which are designed to take advantage of the new D80 amplifiers. In essence this means a smaller, lighter more versatile box with a higher output and smoother sound than the older Q series. We stock Y8 line array boxes and Y7P & Y10P point source speakers as alternatives to the older Q7 and Q10 speakers.

We use Y series mainly for conferences, small events and as fill speakers on V series systems.


d&b Audiotechnik T series

Probably our favourite d&b product the d&b T10 is used to make tea for up to 10 people. Field testing has found that this is best deployed in conjunction with loose leaf Yorkshire tea (currently not available from d&b).

We use the T10 as often as possible so it its usually unavailable for hire.





d&b Audiotechnik E series

The E series is the smallest range of d&b Audiotechnik speakers. They are designed for speech reproduction or as delays to a Q series system. The E8 contains an 8″ driver and a 1″ compression driver with rotatable horn to compensate for which way up the speaker is rigged.

We use E8 speakers for basic 2 speaker PA systems and in situations where a physically smaller speaker is necessary.


d&b Audiotechnik Monitors

The d&b M4 stage monitor is a good all round stage monitor for all situations. They contain a 15″ driver with a coaxial 1.3″ exit compression driver that can be either passively or actively driven depending on the output required.

We use M4 monitors on all events from our smallest acoustic gigs to our largest outdoor festivals.


d&b Audiotechnik Amplifiers

Custom built d&b D80 amp racks with IO patching and internal network switches

The heart of all d&b systems; the range of digital amplifers contain the DSP to control any sized speaker system. Networked to a PC running the R1 control software this is a powerful tool for any system engineer.

We stock D6 amplifiers for the smaller 2 speaker systems, D12 amplifiers for our Q series and monitors with D80 amplifiers for our J and V series PA systems. All our amplifiers are housed in heavy duty touring racks with input and output patch panels for easy and fast on site setup.




For more information on our equipment see our Sound or Rental pages.

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