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E: T: 0113 236 3700

Unit 8, Lotherton Way, Garforth, Leeds

LS25 2JY, West Yorkshire, UK

Rigging and Trussing solutions

We are able to supply rigging from a single truss in a marquee to heavy duty self climbing ground supports.


We stock a range of rigging equipment including these industry standard products:

JTE 52cm Supertruss heavy duty truss
JTE 38cm Supertower heavy duty truss
TFL 30.5cm XO medium duty truss
JTE 30.5cm Superlite light duty truss
CM Lodestar 500 and 1000 Kg hoists (LV control)
CM Prostar 250Kg hoists (LV control)
Outboard Electronics LV hoist control
Manfrotto push up and wind up stands
Girder clamps
Kader clamps

In addition to this basic stock we have a variety of off the shelf and custom made parts that allow us to build more complex truss structures including the ones listed below.

For more information on our equipment and rental prices please see the rental page.


In numbers

350m of truss

450m of aluminium scaffold tube

27 hoists


Fixed ground supports

We have a few of these truss structures and they are typically used built over bars and dancefloors to support lighting equipment.


Total Fabrications XO self-climbing ground support

This is a medium duty self climbing ground support used to suspend lighting where it cannot be flown from the roof. It is typically built around catwalks, in marquees and to avoid expensive rigging charges in some venues.

This system can be built up to a 10m x 10m box with up to 5.5m towers to support a distributed load of 800 Kg. The truss is lifted using CM Prostar hoists which fit inside the truss allowing the truss to get much closer to the ceiling than other similar systems. Single phase hoists can be used so the motors can be powered from standard 13A wall sockets.


James Thomas Engineering Supertruss self-climbing ground support

This is one of the largest heavy duty aluminium ground supports available. It can be built up to 20m x 20m with 15m high towers and support a distributed load of 16 tonnes. This is typically used to support lighting and flown PA where there is insufficient or no overhead rigging. Due to the large spans possible this allows the towers to be placed at the edges of the room so they do not obstruct sight lines. Dependant on loadings cantilevers can be added to the ends of this structure to increase the length to 30m long if required.








James Thomas Engineering self-climbing smartmast

These towers are a hybrid of the smartmast PA tower and the supertruss ground suppport. They can be used to provide front lighting positions for uncovered outdoor stages where a wind up stand is not strong or high enough. They can support 500Kg at 9m and are safe to climb to focus the lights.








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