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E: T: 0113 236 3700

Unit 8, Lotherton Way, Garforth, Leeds

LS25 2JY, West Yorkshire, UK

Sound reproduction to the highest standard

Whatever your sound requirements – from a single microphone to festival PA systems – 3D Productions can match the equipment and expertise to your event.


Alcons LR16 and d&b Audiotechnik Q series sound systems in the warehouse

Alcons LR16 and d&b Audiotechnik Q series in the warehouse

The sound department is currently the fastest growing area at 3D productions. Recent additions to our stock from leading manufacturers include d&b Audiotechnik, Digidesign, Soundcraft, Shure and Sennheiser.

We can supply a sound system large enough for an outdoor festival or classical concert with fully rider compliant solutions or cheaper alternatives if required. We can also provide touring sound systems designed to deal with a diverse range of venues.

Our team of highly skilled engineers can design a system specific to your requirements taking into account the size and shape of venue, the number of attendees and the requirements of the artists. We use sophisticated modelling software such as Ease focus and d&b Array Calc to ensure the best possible sound coverage for your event whether it is a conference, band night, wedding, festival, classical concert, product launch, tour…



Some of our equipment:

Avid, DiGiCo, Soundcraft and Yamaha digital mixing consoles with both digital and analogue multicore systems.

d&b Audiotechnik J & V series line arrays with V, Y, & E series point source boxes and M4 monitors.

The largest Alcons ribbon array sound system in the UK.

CH38 wireless equipment including Shure and Sennheiser handheld and headset radio microphones and IEM systems.

Wired microphones including vocal and instrument microphones suitable for band and orchestral work.

DJ kit from Pioneer including the DJM 900 SRT and CDJ 2000 Nexus.

All our sound equipment is packaged in heavy duty touring cases in standard sizes to pack easily into a truck or van. Wherever possible we use custom patch panels with multipin connectors to speed up the setup and breakdown of equipment. We have put a lot of effort into the packaging of our sound equipment to help reduce the on site setup time. It also significantly decreases wear and tear over time above what you would expect from the off the shelf products. This makes our sound solutions some of the neatest and most reliable in the sound rental market.

For more information on our sound equipment and rental prices please see the rental page.


In numbers

266 boxes of d&b Audiotechnik PA

205 wired microphones

6Km+ of speaker and sound signal cable

For more information or a quote email us at