Control Systems


Control Systems

Our control solutions are behind the scenes of every event; from small dimmers controlling individual lights at an exhibition, to a set of control racks powering a busy festival stage. We supply reliable control solutions that are quick and easy to use.

We stock Avolites and ChamSys compact desks. Why only compact versions? Because these deliver the same results as their bigger brothers but are more effective where space at FOH is at a premium. We’ve been there and we understand the restictions of touring and events. We want to give you the ideal kit that will deliver and you can rely on.

Our equipment includes:

  • Avolites Tiger Touch II and Quartz control desks
  • ChamSys MQ60 control desk with extra wing
  • FL-X 36-way Dimmer/Hot Racks
  • Jands 12 Channel Dimmers
  • SES Compact Hotpower Racks

Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Console

SES FL-X Dimmer Modules

Single 16A Dimmer Switcher units

For more information download our full price list, email or call 0113 236 3700

Lighting Solutions

Victors @ Chapel Allerton Arts Festival, Leeds, West Yorkshire © John Jowett

Moving Heads

Ayrton Rivales to Martin Aura XIPs

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Leeds Ping Pong Fight Club Tournament @ Leeds Corn Exchange, Leeds, West Yorkshire © Ping Pong Fight Club

Outdoor Lighting

IP rated lighting for all weathers

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Justice, The Hangar Stage © Parklife (photo by Justine Trickett)

Static Lighting

Range of static lighting effects to add an extra impact

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Main Page Image: Oktophonie © Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (photo by Graham Hardy)