Truss Systems


Truss Systems

We stock a range of sizes and shapes to allow construction of simple spans to fixed or self-climbing ground support systems. For all systems we stock a full range of lengths, baseplates, corners, connectors and couplers to use as building blocks for any shape of structure that you require.

Our Superlite and OV30 systems can be assembled into complex grids which, combined with our 250kg Prostar hoists, are a perfect solution for rigging in venues with low ceilings. Scaling up from this, our OV40 system has the capacity for longer spans and higher weight loadings, with just as much design flexibility.

We have AutoCAD blocks available for all our truss components, so if you aren't sure what a structure will look like we can quickly draw your ideas and check they fit the space.

Our equipment includes:

  • TSG OV30 box truss
  • TSG OV40 box truss
  • JTE Superlite 30cm Triangle
  • Corners and dado blocks
  • Pick-up beams and outriggers
  • Baseplates, sleeve blocks and head blocks

Superlite 30cm Triangle Truss in storage

6.5m Truss Stands, Cases of Manfrottos and JTE 52cm Supertruss in storage bay

TSG OV30 30cm Box Truss in storage

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Rigging Solutions

Art installation 'Museum of the Moon' by Luke Jerram @ The Harris Museum, Preston

Motors & Control

Electric chain hoists powered by Outboard controllers

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Supertruss ground support system @ The Monastry, Manchester

Ground Supports

Fixed or self-climbing in OV30 and OV40

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Main Page Image: Ground support truss system @ Freedom Festival, Hull © 3D Productions Ltd